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A thing or two about us

and what we do

We are a team of six adorable dogs and 29 (and growing) highly skilled individuals who mostly spend their time looking for the best VR, AR and MR solutions for our clients across the world. Our group consists of software engineers, 3D modelers, VFX expert, concept illustrator, project managers and QA specialists. Using the latest technology available we take on projects and challenges across various industries - we do the impossible and make it work.

Check out a glimpse of the atmosphere from the Team Building we had in Istria this year!

"Push the technological boundaries, be creative and have fun."

What can you expect from us

and all those good things

Professional growth

You will be working on XR projects with a team of highly skilled professionals, which will lead you up the path of your own professional growth. Our atmosphere can be fun and games, but our basis are professional and quality projects.

Competitive salary

We will agree on your starting base salary depending on your experience and knowledge - let's grow together from a start.

The right tools and the right equipment

 When joining our team, you can choose the right equipment you need - depending on your position of course. Whether it is a PC, fancy new phone or any other device you need to work with - we got you covered. 

Flexible working hours and SWAP 

Feel like having a 3 day weekend or working from home? Not a biggie, mix and match your work hours into a 40 hours week, do the job you are assigned for in time, sync yourself with the team and off you go! 

100% paid sick leave 

Don’t even bother being stressed out about being sick.  We got you covered with 100% paid sick leave. Rest and return better. 

Baby bonus 

We love welcoming newborns into our Delta Reality family so you get a bonus for every baby. Keep’em coming.

Remote work 

We like the individuals who go the extra mile, so we won’t limit you to the same place. Office location? Anywhere you want it to be. 


We believe in our common growth as a team, so we offer you continuous education, conferences and workshops. 

Project rotation

We do make the magic happen, but sometimes working the long term projects can be tough and exhausting, so we rotate people through different projects. This will not only keep you fresh and efficient, but it will also enhance your skill set. 

Pet friendly 

Roza, Vilma, Chucky, Beno and Kivi are permanent members of our team, so we encourage you to bring your friend along. As long as it doesn’t eat computers, that is. 

Team buildings

 We are not just about work. We love unforgettable team-building experiences, parties and hanging out together. We believe those moments create strong bonds between us but there is also great food to really make it outstanding.

The things we value

and would like to see in you


Working as a team means you can rely on your colleagues and this is what we are all about. We help each other and we expect the same of you. 


Show the initiative, speak up and pitch the ideas. If you see something that needs to be done, don’t wait for someone to tell you what needs to be done.

Communication skills

Consisting of extroverts and introverts, we do understand everybody ticks at its own pace and that’s okay. What we expect of you is to promptly clarify whether there is a problem that bothers you. Talk to us so we can react.


Majority of our work can be done remotely, so we expect you to be a fair player - do your tasks in time no matter where you are, and you will thrive in our team. 


You and only you are accountable for your actions and results, so do your best at all times. We are flexible and will offer you the moon, but we expect a tad bit of engagement from you.


It’s okay to have a bad day, we have them too, but in general we like to stay positive. Be the right kind of charm and bring joy, interest and positivity to your work.

Tools we use

“We learn from one another. We nurture a great work - life balance. We care.“